Apps That Are A Survival Resource

There is a world of information available to everyone with an internet connection. It’s a bounty of knowledge that many take for granted. To be fair though, there can be an awful lot to look through.

Record Breaking Disasters To Learn From

In recent years, natural disasters have been on the rise, and it’s clear that these will continue to happen. Let’s take a look back over the past centuries at some of the world’s worst and most devastating natural disasters and how they affected the world at that time.

Bow Drill 4

In this step we’re going to be crafting our bow.

Now, a lot of this doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, some of its not even necessary if you’re in a jam.

Bow Drill 3

Building the Bow Drill Start with a harvested chunk of cedar. Sapwood is what you want for your bow drill…