Little Living Space Preps

Many urban preppers complain about the fact that they don’t have enough space to store their preps. The way most of them do it, they will last for about a week with the food and water they currently have, but that’s about it.

Differentiating Between A Prepper and A Hoarder

Many people just automatically assume that hoarders and preppers are the same. Generally, when most people think of someone stockpiling, they usually put everyone in the same category. And that category is with the so-called pack rats and hoarders.

However this is an inaccurate statement and not fair to those of either group.

The Many Survival Uses of Honey

A big part of prepping is finding supplies that will serve a multitude of needs exceptionally well. Duct tape, fixed blade knives and cordage are all good examples. Yet one of these amazing multi tools you would be more likely to find stored in the kitchen cabinet than in your garage. The miracle that is HONEY. Aside from being a sweet treat that you can find in the wild that has an almost infinite shelf life…here are some of the other amazing uses of honey.