Outdoor Survival

Fortifying Your Bug Out Camp

Whether you have the best-laid plans to bug out to a secure location, one you have set up ahead of time, or you don’t have anywhere to go when you bug out, there is a good chance you’ll be camping at some point. But unlike a building that has walls, be it a house, cabin, or another type of structure, a campsite is open and exposed and is an easy target—unless you are prepared.

Making Your Own Cement In a Survival Scenario

Many survival scenarios will require you to abandon your home or “bug out”. The next goal should be to get to an area you feel safe enough to stay in for an extended period. Now if that area already has a shelter for you, all the better. But what if you have to make your own? If you’re looking to build a long lasting structure, one of the best ways to do it is with survival cement.