About Us

1 unskilled average father, looked at his 3 young boys, and thought “If the world keeps getting more divided, more violent, and people find themselves in more disastrous situations … will I be prepared to be my sons hero – and have I prepared them to be ready for anything.”

His answer “no.”

2 years later – through constant preparedness training, practice and the collecting of preparedness tools – He is now equipped to uniquely handle any survival, camping, and disaster situation. His boys are more prepared than 99% of the population.

He found out it’s not that hard to learn with the right guidance and equipment.

His New Goal: Build a brand that shares the training, the expert teachers, and the preparedness tools needed with average unskilled or highly skilled Man or Woman. Handing them the ability to be prepared for anything, confident in disaster, and a hero to their friends and family.

So much so their life changes, there children and friends see them as leaders and start to model everything they do. This is called “The Prepper Advantage.”