There are plenty of items a prepper needs to survive and it’s always better to prepare in advance. Here are some simple items that are good to have stocked up as they will disappear quickly in a survival event.

Tobacco/Coffee – This is a fairly obvious one. Available everywhere in the U.S. at relatively cheap prices, any prepper should stock these stimulants. As a crisis becomes imminent they will be bought up quickly and consumed. If you yourself aren’t interested in using them they are still incredibly valuable as barter items.

Duct Tape – Another item that preppers should be exceptionally familiar with is duct tape. The versatile product will come in handy on an almost daily basis. While everyone seems to have at least a roll in home, once SHTF you’ll be using a far greater amount. Best keep you supply in the double digits.

Batteries – A good prepper will have a large and varied supply of batteries in store for any disaster. It can’t be overstated, have lots of batteries.

Glasses/Contacts – It might be debatable about how easily the right eye wear can be acquired, but it will be next to impossible should society fall. If you want to be assured that you can SEE the next day, have a stockpile of the appropriate prescription.

Jar Lids – Although jars are reusable, lids are not, and that’s a problem. At 15 cents a lid and considering they take up very little space (compared to jars, at least), there’s no reason not to stock up.

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    Thanks for the advice!!

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