Become A Frugal Prepper
The more you can prepare your family financially now, the better your chances of survival during a long-term disaster. In a post-doomsday society you will face a world that is functioning on a startling, highly volatile mix of panic, chaos, fear, and violence. Over time, which will vary, survivors will adjust to the new reality and begin creating a new type of society out of the rubble – both figuratively and literally.

The food stockpiles you have invested so much money in over the years could become depleted far quicker that you anticipated. If the SHTF event is either a financial collapse or slow burn event, like a pandemic, it will leave our government and society functioning just long enough to burn a hole through your pocket before bill paying, mortgages, and rents have become a thing of the past.

Simplify Your Finances
Begin living and spending as if a financial collapse is right around the corner, because it just might be. That doesn’t mean banning Christmas and birthdays, but to live as frugally as possible, celebrating every dime saved and resource used wisely in order to beef up your bank accounts and your commodity stockpiles.

Decrease your spending and reduce both household and major debt to the furthest extent possible to increase your survival buying power. Live debt free or as close to it as you can manage to decrease the amount of bills you’ll have to pay during a financial crisis or when hyperinflation emerges as one of the domino effects of a doomsday disaster.

Get The Most Value For Your Money:
There are many place you can shop to reduce the amount you spend while still finding items you need. Try some of these cost efficient spots in your local area.
1. Yard sales 
2. Thrift stores 
3. Warehouse clubs
 4. Flea markets
 5. Auctions
 6. Facebook online trading posts, for sale groups, and auctions for your community 
7. Second hand stores
 8. Shop at grocery stores when they have double or triple coupon days, this usually happens on a monthly or quarterly basis. If you get good at the extreme coupon clipping, you might end up not having to fork over any money to the cashier during checkout.


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