If you’re in a survival situation. You never know how long it may last. So rationing your supplies is extremely important.

Every match you strike that doesn’t result in a fire, is one night less you may be able to survive in the outdoors.

In this guide, you’ll learn step-by-step how to start a roaring fire with just ONE match.

Even if it’s pouring rain, and windy.


Grab a couple of BIG buckets (I use concrete buckets here)

Fill them with LOTS of kindling (as a beginner you want to collect as MUCH as you can)

Grab some logs (could be from the woods or Home Depot….just make sure they are as dry as possible)


You want to build your fire in layers….remember that a fire wants to CLIMB as it is always looking for more fuel. Your fire also wants AIR/OXYGEN so make sure you make lots of space when building.

Lay down some dried grass or pine needles.

Then add some of your smaller twigs in a crossed hatch in order to allow that important air/oxygen to get in.

Add some more dried tinder on top of sticks.

Add some larger sticks on top of that.

Finally add some split logs in a teepee structure (I have used 5 here).


If you’ve done everything properly up until this point. This is the easy part.

Find a spot at the bottom of the kindling and in a sheltered spot to ignite the fire.

IMPORTANT: When lighting the kindling, be sure to keep the match in ONE spot for it to grab the material. Too many people try and burn multiple areas of the material, and it never gets hot enough to combust.



Now watch your fire take light….be patient as it will take about four minutes for your fire to get going completely.


Add sticks to your fire once it has caught light completely.

You want your fire to burn as hot as this.

Once your fire is to the point in the photo below your logs have turned into coals. It is burning HOT…this is when you want to add your bigger logs to the fire.

When you add your logs at this point…they will catch light very quickly.

Now sit back and enjoy! Confident knowing every single match you have in your matchbook, each represents a single fire.

This skill may just save your life.

So, I highly suggest you print it off and put it with your survival gear in case of an emergency!


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