When people realize their cough is caused by a lung infection their first thought is to go the doctor.

Thinking a good dose of antibiotics is the only solution.

That’s not actually true.

You can treat all sorts of lung infections right at home.

I had a friend suffering from Chronic Bronchitis. Gave her the exact solution you’re about to learn in this guide.

Within just two doses, she was already beginning to feel better.

Fever was gone.

She took it 3 times a day for a week, and was completely cleared up.

Ready to learn this to alleviate and cure any lung infection that pops up with you or your family?

Let’s jump in…



First you have lungwort lichen.

Very easy to identify since it’s so unique looking.

In fact it looks like a lung.

Which is interesting considering it’s used for bronchial infections, acute bronchitis etc.

You’ll want to harvest it a little greener than pictured if possible.

But, lichen’s take a long time to grow. So it’s nice to harvest them on the ground after a blowdown off so you’re not killing them.

TOXIC ABSORPTION: Lungwort lives for a long time, and they absorb everything. So you want to make sure you’re harvesting this from a clean (pollution free) area.


Next up is Mullein. Also known as Verbascum thapsus.

You can harvest both the leaves and the yellow flowers as they both have medicinal qualities.

It’s extremely important you’re sure that you’re harvesting mullein. It’s sometimes confused with Foxglove, which can be deadly.

Here are a few identifying traits of mullein:

  • Often grows in a rosette (Which you can see at the bottom of the plant)
  • The leaves are very soft
  • They have tall, yellow flower spikes.

If you’re still uncomfortable in confusing it with Foxglove you can buy it from RoseMountainHerbs.com.

Or if you’re confident you’ve found mullein you can transplant it into your own personal garden.

SMOKE AWAY YOUR COUGH: You can actually smoke this if you’re having respiratory issues. One of the only things you can smoke that actually alleviates coughing symptoms!

Yerba Santa

The third ingredient is yerba santa.

This is a wonder herb for clearing out mucus.

If your cough is “mucousy” or you have a sinus infection, you’ll love want to make sure you’ve got this herb in your solution.


We’re going to turn this into a tincture. If you’re not yet familiar with how to make a tincture, check out the video that came with this course, “How to make a tincture”.

The following will be a quick overview on how to make a tincture.

Combine all of your ingredients (lungwort lichen, mullein and yerba santa) in a glass jar.

NON-NEGOTIABLE: If you don’t have mullein and yerba santa on hand, don’t worry. But the lungwort is a must.

Pour Vodka to the brim of the glass jar.

Cap it and label it.

Then put on the shelf for 2 months to allow the vodka to extract the medicinal compounds.

After 2 months has past, simply strain it through cheesecloth. Put the tincture into a dropper bottle for easy consumption.

When using dropper bottle simply drop the tincture under your tongue. Don’t swallow. Allow for absorption.

If you have acute bronchitis, take three times a day for five to seven days. If it’s ongoing, you can just take it on a daily basis, just one dropper full.

NEED IT NOW? If you or a loved is suffering from a respiratory infection right now… you don’t want to wait 2 months. Simply put your glass jar in a pot full of water. Simmer it for a couples of days. Make sure the tincture never bubbles, as it will ruin its medicinal integrity.


Again, the ‘How to Make a Tincture’ video will explain all of this in greater detail.


Maybe you’re just not interested in making a tincture.

Or you want something to use in the next 10 minutes.

You can turn this into a tea very easily.

Take your herbs and put them into a teapot with hot water.  Let them steep for 10 minutes.

Pour and enjoy. Do this three times a day.

Note that I’ve found this to be more effective in a tincture. But, the tea works fine. And the mullein breaks down well in the tea as well.

That’s it!

Simple, easy and effective.

Get this tincture started right away. You’ll be glad you did.

You just never know when a respiratory infection may show up.

Lastly, if you’re struggling to find any of the above herbs (or you’re uncomfortable harvesting mullein), you’ll most likely find them on moutainroseherbs.com

Until next time…

Stay healthy,

Dr. Nicole Apelian

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