If you live around coastal areas, one of the challenges in a survival situation is finding fresh water.  Here, in coastal Carolina, like in many other coastal areas, one of the issues with is that it has sandy soil. That can make it difficult for fresh and rain water to maintain itself above ground. It gets soaked into the sand really easy, narrowing the window of opportunity to procure that water. In this guide, I’ll be walking you through, step-by-step how to source water from the ground using a seepage basin. If you live in coastal area, I highly recommend printing of this guide and putting it with your survival gear. So you always have it handy when you need it most. STEP 1:  FIND SATURATED OR WET SAND It is not uncommon to find a freshwater stream around these areas, however the water could to be too brackish to be useful, unless you set up some kind of distillation process. The first step is to find an area where the sand is wet and saturated.
STEP 2: DIGGING Use a digging stick to dig and carve out a base in the saturated sand.
Continue digging as far as you need to hit a clay bed.
HITTING CLAY EARLY: If you hit clay within the first few inches, then for maximum efficiency,  make a wider whole so it has more of a larger container for the water that’s going to seep in.
STEP 3: CREATING CONTAINER Once you hit clay, makes sure you have a good diameter container with steady walls
STEP 3: WAIT FOR WATER TO SWEEP IN FROM THE SIDES Now you can see the water seeping in. As water is seeping in, the sand is going to settle to the bottom. The water should sit right on top of that sand and once there is enough water, it can be procured.
STEP 4: CHECK YOUR CONTAINER It’s been about an hour. As you can see there’s a good amount of water in the container. Scoop out any sand that has caved in.
After an hour this container has provided approximately half a gallon of dirty water.
STILL NEED TO TREAT WATER: The water sweeping in the container is still going to have to be filtered and purified before it is safe to consume
This is a good renewable resource that you can continue to come to to procure water. So, this is something you would want to set up near your survival shelter.

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