Gardening is an art and many people adopt it as hobby. You can go for gardening in any season and any place based on your requirements like what you want to grow. If you have to garden in on concrete, you have to follow a complete procedure to get your task done. Today, we’re going to be total cheapskates, and we’re going to set up gardens on top of solid concrete in just a few minutes.
Following are some steps to start tire gardening on concrete place. Step 1 First of all, find a free or low profile tire from a tire shop. Most tire shops pay to get rid of the things, probably all tire shops do, unless they’re dumping them down in a ravine somewhere.
There are different types of tires that you can use, all kinds. There’s those gigantic tractor tires. There are truck tires. There are the little car tires. Bicycle tires might work for some very tiny plants, maybe alfalfa sprouts, but I don’t recommend it.
You can also cut the side of it out when you do instead, and just leave it open, and you can simply use a knife and cut it out. You can use a utility blade, cut all the way around the edges of the tire. Using the utility blade, it will split really quickly once you start working that seem, and pulling it apart.
Here is the trimmed tire
Step 2 Put a tire on a concrete slab. You can choose a low profile tire, so that it can have lots of growing space. As you can see there’s a great big spot for a rim on the inside, which is where we are going to stick some transplants. Fill up the tire with rough material. In this case you can put the dried leaves, and coconuts in the tire. You can jam them in the bottom of all the container gardens. This is the reason that you don’t need to fill it with so much soil. And, eventually this stuff breaks down into soil. It’s sort of slow motion composting.
You can see the coconut husks in the tire. In addition to this, you can add some wood, rotten logs, sticks, that kind of stuff around, you can just crush it in there. You can even take paper shreds, old stuff and much more.
Step 3 You can see the tree in the image below. This is all optional, but you can also add it to the tire. You should look for a way you can turn things into compost, and recycle it, and feed your plants.
So if you see the weeds, you have to chop the weeds down and throw them into my gardens, or stuff them in the bottom of a container garden, or whatever else. If you see coconut husks, and rotten wood or whatever, you can also incorporate it. If you just want to throw a tire on the ground and fill it full of soil, that’s fine. It doesn’t hurt anything.
In the next step, you have to stick some soil on the top. You should make sure that you pack it in around the edges, because when you water it it’s going to sink some, and it’s good to make sure it’s going into the sidewalls.
At the end, you have to water the stuff within the tire to give it a smooth look.
Step 4 You have to go for hoogalcuture, it is the process where you bury logs in the ground, and cover it with soil, and then it rots, and it makes this sink of moisture in the center. That’s basically what we have shown in the image. You can do all these tire gardens with the stuff, and wet it down, and it turned into just hard, packed clay.
Step 5 It is the time to start planting. First one is the hot pepper right here.
The second plant in the image is called talinum fruticosum, or surinam purslane. Some of you guys are probably familiar with purslane, which is an edible weed sometimes grown deliberately as a green. This is a cousin of that plant that makes larger leaves. It’s also called water leaf. In the tropics this grows better for us than some lettuces do, and you can just pick the leaves off and eat them.
The third plant we are plating here is tomato fighting with a celosia. You don’t get to see that every day. So there’s a tomato right here, and there’s a celosia right here, so we will bend the tomato to the side to give it a little space. Celosia is a green. This is actually celosia Argentina, often grown as a ornamental flower, but it has a very good leaf when you cook it. After completing the planting process, it is time to water the plants.
What should you do for deeper roots?If you want to grow something that has deeper roots, you might take a tire, and then stick another tire on top of it like that. And then, you’ve got a ton of space going down on the inside. This will actually give you over 12 inches, probably about 4 inches of growing depth, which is good for pretty much any plants, or vegetables. So, you can just stack them like that.
Set up a garden right on your grass with tires
  1. Throw a couple of pieces of cardboard on the grass
  1. Throw a tire on top of the cardboard, fill it full of dirt, and the cardboard will act like a weed block layer, kill the grass underneath. You will have an instant garden
After that you can follow the process explained above

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