Look out for widow makers before you establish a shelter

When looking for a place to put up your shelter, keep the four W’s in mind:

1) Water

Save time and calories going back and forth for water by selecting a location near a water source.

2) Wood

Look for a spot with a lot of good deadfall. Downed hardwoods are great. Trees and wood are excellent fuel to sustain your fire.

3) Wind

Look for a place out of the wind to prevent convection heat loss. The thicker the forest that you are in the better, because that will act as a natural windbreak.

4) Widow makers

Widow makers are dead trees or dead limbs above where you’re going to build your shelter. If a wind picks up and that tree falls on you, you’re dealing with an injury rather than just a survival situation. When you’re injured, you require more water and calorie intake to survive.

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