A big difference lies between purifying water so that you can drink it and filtering water. In this guide we’ll talk about those differences and how to create a field expedient filter. Filtering water is taking the nasty chunkies out of it so that it tastes better. Purifying water is either using a modern day purification device to remove cyst, cryptosporidium, and something to kill viruses, or boiling it to kill cysts, cryptosporidium, Giardia bugs and viruses. So, if you find water so nasty that even once boiled, still remains unpalatable, this excellent technique will give you a step-by-step process that you can use to filter the water.
  • Get two containers.
You would need two devices, one is the carrier of the nasty water, and the other is the holder of the more filtered water.
  • Collect some nice nasty river water.
You could use a nice little canteen cup to grab some water out of the river from it and a canteen lid.
The source of the water may be a sandy river like the Desolation Canyon or the Green River in Utah, or maybe some nasty water in Africa. You wouldn’t want to drink that water even if it’s boiled because it’s still nasty.
  • Put a piece of cloth into the device containing nasty water.
You can do this with a sock, bandana or any other piece of cloth and take the nice chunky part of it, dip it in the container full of water.
  • . Hang it pointed downwards from the container with nasty water.
The gravitational force being put on the water in this part of the rag would vacuum water out of the container. In essence it’s more like having anything siphoned out.
Water creates a pull when it moves from a higher gravity area to a lower gravity area. So this would take some time, but essentially you can put it on a rock or bag or something until the container is filled up and keep reloading it until it filters out water.
Essentially, you would get water filtered through the rag and put into your container but the filtered water is still contaminated with bugs, viruses and other things.
  • Boil the water.
You can then cook it right on the fire and as soon as it starts to boil, it’s good. Let it cool off, put the lid on it. Once it’s been boiled, you can drink it. The only thing that will affect that is this if you go to high enough altitudes, it removes the barometric pressure. There’s not enough atmosphere above you pushing down on the water and water will boil at a lower temperature. Two things to understand about that: one, there are certain bugs that you need to boil at that higher temperature to kill. Two, it’s not relevant if you’re not at an extremely high altitude. If you’re at a lower altitude where there’s a heavier barometric pressure, your water is going to boil at the temperature that is required to kill of the bugs.
Go find devices that you can put in the water that can tell you the temperature, get a pressure cooker, whatever it is. But understand that in order to kill all bugs, you have to cook it to the temperature required for each individual bug because they all take different temperatures to kill them.
  • Chemical purification.
This could be an alternative to boiling water. You can use Iodine tablets or chlorine for purifying the water. There are also different things that you can use other than chlorine to have the water purified.

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