Many wild herbs have great medicinal properties, that could be life-saving in many situations. In this guide we’re going to show you how to extract medicine out of plants and put it in oil form so that it can be used either directly on the skin or to make salves. This technique is known as cold infusion and more specifically cold infused oils. It’s a very simple technique that requires a six to eight week period to complete. Now, when we say “cold”, we don’t really mean cold. It means that you’re not using heat. All you do is, add the dry herb you’re using, add the oil you’re using and put it away for six to eight weeks without applying any heat. Let’s get started. STEP 1: ADD HERBS I have filled my jar one third to one half full of the dried herb.
STEP 2: ADD OIL Next, add organic olive oil. Fill the jar completely.
Ideally you would use organic olive oil from California, because in California they have really strict organic regulations. The oil you get from most of Europe you can’t really be sure, A, that it’s all olive oil and, B, that it’s organic, so very important I think to use organic olive oil from California.
STEP 3: STIR Stir the solution until mixed
STEP 6: LABEL IT Label and date your solution, so you know what it is and you know when you put it in.
STEP 7: LET IT SIT Let is site for six to eight weeks STEP 8: STRAINER Now I’m straining my medium. All you can do is take cheesecloth, which you can find at any store, and simple, rubber band it across a bowl.
STEP 9: POUR THE SOLUTION Pour the solution through your strainer
After six to eight weeks most of the medicine has transferred to the liquid. Strain out the flowers.
Let it sit for a bit to let oil drain from herbs STEP 10: GET EXCESS The squeeze the cheesecloth to get the excess oil.
STEP 9: POUR THE SOLUTION TO CLEAN JAR Now that you have your infused medicine, pour it into a clean, washed, sterilized jar. Now it is ready to use straight or to make a salve from
Thank you so much for joining us today to learn how to do cold herbal infusions.

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