Food is one of the most critical resources for our survival. Production and procurement can get tricky at times. That’s why you want to have a way to preserve the food you produce or procure. In this guide we’ll go over the steps to preserve food long term
Reasons to Preserve Food Preserving food is work, but there’s a lot of benefits to preserving food, and there’s a lot of reasons why you should do it.
  1. The first reason you’ll want to preserve food, is because of limited supply.
  • This can be because of snow storms.
  • There may be a sudden surge in fuel prices.
  • There may be a hundred different things that could interrupt food getting to where you live, to the city, the county, the region.
  1. The second reason you’ll want to preserve food, because if you’re like most growers in the United States, you face a fairly short growing season.
  2. The third reason you want to preserve food is while you’re growing season is short, you should be generating a significant surplus unless you have a really large family or a really limited, small space to grow in.
  3. The fourth reason you want to preserve your own foods is because what’s available to modern people in the grocery store is nutritionally poor.
  4. Another reason you want to preserve your own foods is you’re going to be having a much, much higher starting point in terms of the nutritional value so that as you put this food up, as you make it available later in the year, it’s going to be at a much greater value than you can purchase from the store.
  5. The final reason food preservation matters is it’s a form of money or savings. There are a few things as comforting as knowing that if
    • You lose your job
    • You get hurt somehow and something goes wrong
    • You get a pay cut or maybe your job just goes sideways
    • You want the ability to walk away

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