Welcome to our guide to build 4 simple, easy and cheap ‘redneck’ trellises. There’s a lot of climbing plants that are great for crops. Problem is, trellises are often more elaborate than what you need if you’re simply looking to grow plants for harvest. No aesthetics here. This is all about function. Let’s dig in! TRELLIS #1: REBAR
  1. Drive rebar into the ground
  2. Roughly 20 ft. away drive in another piece of rebar
  3. String paracord between your two pieces of rebar
  4. Tie strings running off of paracord and anchor with scrap pieces of wood.
  • Hammer in a 2 foot piece of rebar all the way into the ground.
  • Run your paracord down to the rebar and wrap it around as an anchor for support.
  • Similar to the previous one, the only difference here is you’re using wood instead of rebar.
  • The key here is to create a teepee at your points of support.
  • Stack 3 sticks to a point to create your teepee.
  • In this case, you can use wood as your support beam across the two teepee supports.
  • This one is all self contained
  • Create a teepee over your climbing plant
  • Let your plant grow and keep looping it over
  • It’s that simple
  • Your cheapest and easiest option
  • Sink a ladder into some garden beds and let your plants climb!
  • Added bonus: if you lean your ladder against a tree, your plants can climb into the tree.
You can use fences as a trellis. Simply plant your seeds at the bottom of the fence, and let them grow!
That’s it for quick and easy redneck trellises! Send in any cool trellises you’ve set up on a budget and we may just post it on our social media accounts!

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