3 Ways to Combat Leaky Gut What is leaky gut? Essentially things leak through your small intestine and get into your bloodstream. Which leads to an inflammatory response in your body. And wreaks havoc on your body. Symptoms How do you know you have leaky gut? Well there’s a wide array of symptoms you could be suffering from… First off, if you have an autoimmune issue, there’s a very good chance you have leaky gut.
  • Multiple sclerosis
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Lupus
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
If you have gas or bloating. If you have issues with headaches, brain fog, mental fatigue, excessive fatigue, any sort of nutritional deficiency, arthritis, joint pain, depression, ADHD, skin rashes… The list goes on! If you suffer from any of the above, you’re going to want to go through this guide. METHOD 1: TINCTURE First method is a tincture. This is especially important for leaky gut sufferers as it by-passes your digestive system. Dropping a tincture under your tongue allows for absorption through osmosis… leading to an 80%+ absorption rate of the medicines. Versus 50% in pill format (and that’s someone with a well-functioning digestive tract). To start, you want to take an empty glass jar. Begin mixing the following ingredients… Slippery Elm
Add in your slippery elm. Marshmallow Root
In the same jar put in your marshmallow root. Plantain
Next up you’re adding the plantain. This isn’t powdered, but has been processed down into dried “bits”. Not to be mixed up for the banana variety. This is the plant version. Licorice Root
Lastly we’re going to add licorice root. This one’s cut up, as it will give a little more surface area to extract from. Vodka
Pour Vodka into the jar. Fill the jar up to the brim. Stir
Stir it all together. You don’t want any “dry” material left inside. Cap it n Shelve it
Cap it, and shelve it for 2 months to allow the vodka to extract the medicinal properties of the herbs inside. Make sure you label it with what’s inside, and today’s date so you know what it is in 2 months! After the two months has past, you’ll take it out and strain it with cheesecloth. The remaining liquid is your tincture. Place it into a dropper bottle, and take two times a day under your tongue. Speed it up I know 2 months is a long time to wait. What you can do as an alternative is put the jar in a crock pot, and simmer for a few days. This will expedite the extraction process. However you have to ensure that there’s no way the tincture begins to boil. As that will break down all of the medicinal compounds. Double Extraction With mushrooms, the process is slightly different. You have to use a process known as double extraction. The reason for this is the alcohol doesn’t effectively extract ALL of the medicinal compounds in mushrooms. Therefore we extract it a second time with water. Let’s look at how to do that. Reishi Mushroom
Break up your reishi mushroom and put it into a glass jar. Turkey Tail Mushroom
Break up your turkey tail mushroom and put into the jar. Similar idea to the Reishi Mushroom, breaking it up increase surface area to extra from. Lion’s Mane Mushroom
Add in your Lion’s mane mushroom. This is powdered. Alcohol
Add in your alcohol. The only requirement here is the alcohol content is 40%. Fill to the brim of your jar. Stir
Give it all a good stir. You don’t want any dry material in your jar. Cap it and label it with the date and ingredients. Put it on the shelf for 2 months so the alcohol can extract the medicinal qualities. Note: This is normally where the process ends. But with double extraction, there’s a second part AFTER the tincture has sat for 2 months.
Super Grip: When you can’t seem to get a jar open. Take a regular ol’ elastic band and put it around the lid. This will give you the grip to wrench it open!
2 Months Later…
Bring out your tincture that’s been sitting for 2 months. Strain
Strain your tincture through the cheese cloth. Make sure all the liquid strained out before moving to the next step. Raw Material
Take the the raw material left in the jar after you’ve strained your tincture and dump it into a pot.
Add water. Cover
Next, put it on the stove top for a day and let it summer. Combine
Once that’s done, you want to add your water tincture, back into the vodka tincture. This part is important. You never want you alcohol content to go under 30%. So, in this case, since you’re using Vodka (40%), you can put in a water level of 3:1. Diluting the alcohol to 30%. Cap, Shake, Label.
Lastly, cap it, shake it and label it with the date and ingredients. I’ll often write ‘with water’ to indicate it’s a finished tincture… nothing more to add. Put these into a dropper, and take a couple times a day under your tongue. Next up… Tea Nothing special here. It simply comes down to preference and convenience. If you enjoy drinking tea or you want to start treating leaky gut while you wait for you tincture to cure. Take the ingredients above. Put into a pot of hot water, and let it steep for at least 10 minutes. Pour and enjoy. Diet The third and possibly biggest factor is diet. First off, getting an IGG Food Sensitivity Test is a great idea. For me, I can’t have gluten and a lot of people react to it, so it’s worth checking out if you’re sensitive to it. If you can get organic bone broth that’s a huge bonus. Find a farm with organic, grass-fed cows, take the bones and simmer them for 72 hours and enjoy. It’s delicious. Enjoy an anti-inflammatory diet. If you haven’t watched the anti-inflammatory video included with this course, do so immediately after reading this. Honestly, nearly all of the US population would be well-served to go on an anti-inflammatory diet, with very few exceptions. You want to cut your sugar down to near zero if possible. Incorporate chia, hemp and flax seeds into your diet. Get your prebiotics. Bonus is there’s a lot in Turkey Tail Mushroom (included in the tincture). But, it’s wise to look for other sources as well. Think, asparagus, walnuts, oats, apples, onions, honey, bananas. These are a natural precursor to probiotics, and very help in curing leaky gut. And that’s it. Implement these three things and you’ll be well on your way to curing your leaky gut. And regaining that healthy, youthful energy again. One last thing… if there’s any herbs I went over here that you can’t get access to, take a look at mountainroseherbs.com. They’ve got loads of great herbs, all organic and safely harvested. I wish you the best of luck on your journey to overcoming leaky gut… It’s a horrible disease to suffer from. I wish you the best of luck on your journey. Until next time… Stay healthy, Dr. Nicole Apelian

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